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Saturday, January 19, 2013

New Destination in the Bowieverse: "Where Are We Now?"

Could not resist posting about music legend and cultural icon David Bowie's recent release, "Where Are We Now?." New Bowie after nearly a decade! More Bowie to add to the soundtrack of your next dinner party (try Cooking Lounge Good Food ideas).

David Bowie did more in the 70's and 80's than any other successful artist to encourage freaks, geeks and outcasts to love and embrace their uniqueness with performances and near anthems of individuality, decadence and darkness wrapped in trademark chameleon personas. Every album was a seductive invitation to a new destination in the Bowie Universe (Bowieverse). Even Wall Street took notice in the 90's and started trading on the power of Bowie's genius, as asset-backed securities with Bowie Bonds.

Bowie's voice is haunting in "Where Are We Now?", hallowed and graveled with a dark resilient joy (a pulsating light) permeating every lyric uttered - of of  living... joy of remembrance in hedonistic days-gone-by...

The lyrics and accompanying music video are drenched in symbolism and open to all kinds of interpretation. The seemingly lo fi video - mise en scene desktop set, grainy slow motion black and white frames, and puppets with supper imposed heads (is this a comment on individuality?) - does what David Bowie does with deft, pull you into the Bowieverse to share his current revelry. 

Not the best singer but a master vocalist, "Where Are We Now?" is distinctively Bowie, memorable and melodic, with the ever present Bowie melancholy shocked with rays of light.

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