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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Juice it up! :: Juicing Fruits and Vegetables

Resolutions have been made to do better with the New Year. Exercise. Eat healthier. Have adventures. Save more. The possible lists go on and on and on.
cucumber, celery, carrot, orange, ginger
Juicing is big on a lot of personal lists. Juicing and Juice Cleanses are the new buzzed about favorites for improving health and losing weight.

Juicing has been around for ages. Think Jack LaLanne, "The Godfather of Fitness", who extolled the versions of juicing for decades. Jack might have been on to something; he lived a long and vibrant life.

Guessing (not a nutritionist or health expert) that spending a weekend or so doing a cleanse is probably helpful and healthful - intaking low calorie, nutrient rich liquids to clean out the digestive system and maybe lose some pounds.

The waning days of winter, mean warm weather and less clothes soon...finally, so time to tone up and shed that winter layer. Snow is on the ground but spring is in the air. Can hear birds chirping.

Juicing can be an integral part of everyday eating. A nutritious juice can replace a meal or be an energy boosting healthy snack. 

Breville Juice Fountain Plus
After a bit of research, purchased the Breville Juice Fountain Plus because of great reviews and its easy clean up. Tips: Save plastic shopping bags and line expeller bin for even quicker clean up. Scrub fruits and vegetables or wash well so you can use skin when appropriate.
Ginger makes it awesome

A favorite combo is cucumber, celery, carrot, orange and ginger. In general, cucumber and celery make a really good base that blends well with almost any mix of fruits and veggies. Also, like to add ginger often to a range of juice mixtures.

Gotta get those leafy greens into the mix too.

Sweet Greens
Tips: Roll up a few leaves and scrunch into a ball. A little squeeze of lemon brightens the juice.

Kale or Collards  

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