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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fresh Leather - DUNLIN

Wandering a tree lined stretch of Havemeyer on Williamsburg's Southside after my friend christened her new gallery in Bushwick, I was struck by a soft, moody glow emanating from a small shop. Aged patina, antiquated lighting, bygone era aura fills this tucked away gem. And, the smell of leather saturates the air. Hand-crafted leather at DUNLIN.

photos: wbj HTC Hero

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Honeychiles' Po Boys

Jesse Crawford, co-owner
Oyster po' boy and Fish po' boys at Honeychiles'
photo: wbj
Jesse Crawford, one of the owners, was behind the counter at Honeychiles' when I went in after a show in Williamsburg (see music post below).  Went in with a couple of friends wanting a good, filling, and fast meal to soak up the beers before bedtime). Honeychiles' name brought a big smile to my face thinking about all the sunshine in this southern term of endearment.  I could hear the distant lilt of grandmothers and aunts in Virginia. Perfect place on a summer night for seafood po' boys and a cold beer.  Honeychiles' is inside the Charleston, a rocker bar on Bedford Avenue and North 7th.  The food was the attraction not the insouciant, tattooed and just-so-coiffed bar patrons. The oyster po' boy was crunchy on the outside with a juicy, briny, fresh oysters crowding an pretty average italian roll slathered with a lemony remoulade sauce and shredded iceberg lettuce.  My friends found the fish po' boys equally good even a bit large because they had to skip out on the bread and go for the fish.  There are other items on the menu worth trying. Honeychiles' has been getting lots of press for it's punk meets New Orleans comfort food m.o. Go early to avoid the 'scene' and grab a table and a cold one. 

Not Blood Paint
In early August, I saw Not Blood Paint at Cameo in Williamsburg. Cameo is a backroom performance space behind The Loving Cup Cafe on North 6th Street.  A raw room with high ceilings, lots of concrete and brick so not the best acoustics but still a good room.  Never felt like the music was bouncing all over the place.  Met up with Leisa Arndt from TrashCan Magazine and our friend Carlos to see Not Blood Paint (NBP).  TrashCan is a new online mag where Leisa wrote a music review for NBP.  A few weeks later FREE WILLIAMSBURG, posted an article, "Not Blood Paint: Band Most Likely to Start a Cult",  that peeps in on the NBP's fanatical followers and straight-out-of-bushwick cred.  Wondering if NBP is this art hood's Fischerspooner?. Not Blood Paint made me think of Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust days.  NBP had crazy presence with a theatrical and choreographed performance that would have kept you caught in the onstage antics and projected visuals if they weren't such a solid  band with each member in the mix on vocals. 
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