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Friday, April 2, 2010

Nneka – Afropean global soul

Nneka is a fairly new artist to American audiences; but, she is gathering a bundle of accolades in the US.  This camera-ready Nigerian raised artist, currently based in Hamburg, Germany, has her eyes on the States.  “Concrete Jungle” is Nneka's 3rd release since 2005, after critical success in Europe and Africa. Nneka’s website.
Nneka is in a Top 10 list of artists to watch from SXSW 2010 compiled by Flavorpill.  Nneka is the stand out for CL; because, she is not so prefab, not so slick (yeah, yeah she's a label artist).  Her music is raw, from-the-gut worldbeat and change focused.  

In a way, Nneka is a combo of Zap Mama  and Erykah Badu (note: making headlines w/ her new video,"Window Seat") with some American-style folk rebel in the mix. Nneka will get you all irie.

Check out the “Heartbeat” video filled with Nigerian street life scenes.
Feel her spirit in this short docu video, "Who is Nneka?".
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