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Monday, September 19, 2011

"EAT like a MAN" and SAVE MONEY

On Cooking Lounge, a constant theme is cooking to live better. When you SAVE MONEY, you can improve your lifestyle. In today's recessionary times, a few extra dollars is a godsend. Plus, you can have the added bonus of sharing a meal with friends or even a date.

Esquire has a how-to cooking guide out for men, "EAT like a MAN", aimed to blast away the fear and mystery of the kitchen. I can not say that I have followed the eponymous blog regularly on Esquire. I have clicked on a few links that brought me to the blog, usually worthwhile reading. At Cooking Lounge, we are all for anything that gets you into the kitchen to prepare a meal. "EAT like a MAN" was released early summer 2011, I discovered it through a NY Daily News article that had a spicy, sausage sandwich recipe. By the way, for the Hot Sauce Aioli, I would use olive oil and Tabasco Sauce.
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