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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's All Academic - Mishka and Das Racist

Mishka NYC
Looking for something FREE and interesting to do; clicked through Flavorpill and decided on an in-store performance from Das Racist.  Checked out the Mishka NYC site to see what was up with the spot. Mishka's flagship shop is under the train tracks in South Williamsburg on Broadway blocks, yet a world away, from destinations like Dressler's, Marlowe and Sons, Fatty Cue,  and Peter Luger's. Landing on Mishka's Holiday 2010 Lookbook, I was surprised to see an edgy, interpretation of prep/jock/collegiate with hallmarks of Mishka's origins in skater, Si Fi, streetwear and graphic tee culture. Page turning editorial photography by Elizabeth Weinberg sorta made me forget the night was about new music. 
The plan was to meet my friend Adam; check out Das Racist; see what was hot about Mishka. People cued down the block before 7p show. We met across the street at Trophy Bar. Had a Miller High Life. Went back to Mishka. Das Racist had spit their rhymes and the turntables were being packed up at 8p sharp. Punctual set! Sucked for us. Stayed and looked around the space. Checked out the photo exhibit of Insane Clown Posse fans (Juggalos) by Jason Shaltz who followed the band on a US tour. Mishka has a curated calendar of events and installations  that are expositions of and expansions on the Mishka brand. 
These days Mishka spans its roots in graphic tees and caps branching out to vinyl toys (Lamour Supreme, Secret Base, Cure Toys), a record label, NSFW pin-up girl calendar and now this sleek, retro meets skater cut and sew line of clothing. Next Wave street cred, hitting platforms and keeping a poignant point of view.
Clicked around to learn more about Das Racist and their burgeoning pop status beyond cultural meme.
photo: Caroline Mort
For a relatively new duo that is really a trio, Das Racist has kicked up a lot of dust since 2008 and garnered a lot of inkI listened to the "Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell"and found it funny in a Cypress Hill, stoner humor way. BUT lurking below the surface of "Sit Down, Man", there is a thick layer of smarty pants, academic cultural and social deconstructionism. Das Racist stands in the Next Wave street cred fast lane. Still bumming, I missed Das Racist close-up and free before they embark on a world tour. Listen up.
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Cod Fish Cakes with Poached Eggs


Nostalgia for a taste, for a moment, a remembrance can create a meal. A fleeting mental essence causes you to smack your lips and smile; 'ummmm, love to have that again.' Cod is a flavor I like.  Recently, I tried my hand at Baccala (cod fish) Salad which has variations from Italy to Portugal to Puerto Rico. A friend gave me some pointers and the next thing I know I progressed to Pulpo (octopus) Salad which became a high protein staple this summer. Thanks for the tips Angel. Digressing. So the cod got me thinking about one of my most favorite breakfast dishes as a kid, cod fish cakes with scrambled eggs. I have craved this dish but the few times I have seen cod fish cakes on a menu and ordered; the cakes were bready, heavy pucks that were either flavorless or too fishy and salty. So on occasion, I search for Gorton's Cod Fish Cakes because that was what Mom used. Well, you can not find Gorton's Cod Fish Cakes or Cod Fish in a can anymore. Gorton's please start making this product again. Inspired; I improvised.
By chance, during a trip to historic Essex Street Market on the lower eastside of New York City, I saw salt cod at Batista Market and Grocery. The cod was not dehydrated to grayish fish leather, the cod was plump and white. A taste for nostalgia hit me; and, I knew I was going to make Cod Fish Cakes. So the next day, I make brunch for two of the coolest ladies I know - Cod Fish Cakes, Poached Eggs, Baby Arugula, Tomato and Whole Wheat Toast. Not quite Mom's breakfast, but the Cod Fish Cakes were golden, slightly crisp on the the outside and light, fluffy and moist inside with the potato and cod combining seamlessly into a savory cake. Ummmm, a comforting taste flashback! 
Check out the slideshow above. Remember get creative. Make it yours.
Cod Fish Cakes
1 1/2 cod - soaked overnight and drained. Boil the cod for about 15 minutes. Sat aside.
2 med size potatoes  - peeled, cubed and boiled (in the same water as the cod with a Bay leaf).
2 cloves of garlic and a few shallots - sliced, diced and sauteed.
2 eggs slightly beaten.
1/4 cup of flour.
1 handful  of parsley chopped.
 Salt, Pepper.
Mix all together.  Form uniform cakes. Use a ice cream scoop. Gently pan fry in a little oil. 
I'll leaves eggs and side dishes to your culinary imagination. Think regions, cultures and seasons when pairing flavors or think out of the box and experiment.
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