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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Carafe, Decanter, Box - What's Inside Matters

There is a nostalgic place in food culture filled with red-checkered tablecloths and carafes of house wine. Dining was a simpler affair - bereft of so much choice, so much foodie acumen. The carafe is center stage in romantic notions of smoky, European cafes. Add some candlelight; and, snap transported. 

A carafe is in the decanter family; but a name makes loads of difference. When decanters are part of the table scape, meals tick up a notch - the sparkle and clink of crystal, the timeless shapes. Decanters seem suited for the rarefied: aged whiskey, expensive cognac, fine wine. 

Wine in a box is an ultimate packaging versus product conflict. Boxed wine falls in with the twist off cap arguments about wine. Sure it might be practical, save natural resources, be economical, blah, blah, blah, BUT, the aesthetics. Oh, la, la. However, wine in a box is pushing it's visibility through design and gaining acceptability in the market.

What's inside is what matters. The New York Times, posted an article that rated wine in a box, "Thinking Inside the Box." One selection from Wineberry comes in a wooden box, perhaps a nod to the barrels of the artisanal craft. 
Carafes and decanters let you step away from the packaging and create your own sense of value, place and style while serving quality wine. Go ahead; buy some wine in a box then set a nice table.

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