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Saturday, February 4, 2012

What to Eat? - Super Bowl Recipes - Top 10 Websites

Clock is ticking, countdown to the Super Bowl: New York Giants vs New England Patriots.

By 6:30pm the streets of New York City, and pretty much every city in the U.S., will be deserted, for the Super Bowl. The subway trains will trace the tracks with near empty cars. The city that never sleeps hits pause and roots for the hometown team, the NY Giants. Screams and cheers, and hopefully no bawling, will emanate from bars, apartments and brownstones, echoing down the empty streets, as taxis idle.

Once you have decided how to watch the game, usually the next question is 'What to Eat?.' If at bar, no problem, order off the menu or order delivery. The hassle comes when you have to bring food to a Super Bowl party where a bag of Doritos or a 6 pack of beer will not do. Or even more stressful, you are hosting a party with foodie friends. Need to prepare some tasty munchies that probably will not make it onto any healthy eating list? Go for it. It's the Super Bowl. Indulge! Have fun. Cook.

To make it a little easier to decide, 'What to Eat?'; here's Cooking Lounge's Top 10 sites for Super Bowl Recipes.

Cooking Lounge's Top 10 Websites for Super Bowl Recipes


Please Note: The websites are not ranked. The websites are the Top 10 picks from over 50 sites, featuring the best Super Bowl recipes, listed in alphabetical order.

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