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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Raphael Saadiq, "Radio" - Moving forward channelling Chuck Berry

HAPPY NEW YEAR! First post of 2011.
Lately, I am struck by the trend of acts going "retro" in the quest to prove true musicianship and vocal artistry. WTF, was it that long ago when we expected artists to be able to carry a tune, and OMG play an instrument too. With Lucy Pearl back in 1999, I knew then Raphael Saadiq is the embodiment of 360 degree artist from vision to execution.
New video from the amazing Raphael Saadiq, whose upcoming album Stone Rollin takes him in a new direction. The single “Radio” features a similar style of retro-update to his last album, The Way I See It, but he went back further this time – past funk and soul, to rock n roll and swing dancing era.  Look out for Stone Rollin, due to be released on March 22nd.  source 
As far as dance era, I was def feeling 60's Twist and Frug with "Radio" and not much Swing. The "Radio" music video is stripped down, classy and cool with echoes of Chuck Berry in Raphael Saadiq's performance. The film production worked the soundstage for maximum number of looks. Sorry the embedded video has a commercial but here you go.

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