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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" Visual Storytelling Milestone

Posting more as you can see but a lot has been music.  Prepping a food post; and now, tweeting about food, music, whatever, as well.  So stay tuned.
More music today.  However this post is really about the music video.  
I think Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" is a milestone in visual storytelling for the music video form. "Bad Romance" is dance pop at its best with catchy lines, sexy samples and easy to move to rhythms...all one would expect from a pop phenom; even gives a nod to Gaga's international supremacy with some lyrics in French.  I have not listened to many tracks by Lady Gaga but this music video got me typing.

"Bad Romance" is a moment when many people will take pause at the powerful visuals and the impact of the music video form. However "Bad Romance" is not just arresting visuals.  There is a clear storyline.  Lady Gaga has created an alt-universe to go along with her evolving, manufactured mythology.

Very few music videos have elevated the form and upped the ante for the craft.  Michael Jackson's "Scream" comes to mind as well as Madonna's "Like a Prayer" and more recently Bjork.  Although, I have to say it's Bjork all around artistry rather than a single music video that stands out.  And yes, Lady Gaga has all around artistry whether you like her schtick or not.
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